September 4, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mom! ��

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Happy birthday, Mom!

(Even though I ran into your room, jumped on your bed and told you this in person, I guess I will post it online for the record LOL!)

Another year older, another year wiser, and another year stronger. I am so fortunate to be able to celebrate yet another year of your life with you; not many kids get the same opportunity. I am very appreciative of the person that you are with me. You taught me right from wrong, lift me up when I am down, and support me with my ambitions of working for a police department one day. Today, in particular, is your special day (National Clara's [Birthday] Day LOL!), even though we celebrate life when we wake up everyday. You and I have the whole weekend to celebrate! I am going to be cake wasted! Yay LOL!

(FYI: You guys may have seen this video before, but it is the only video that I have (up to date) of me playing "Happy Birthday," so yeah... :-))

¡Feliz cumpleaños, mamá!

(A pesar de que me encontré con su habitación, saltó sobre su cama y le dije esto en persona, supongo que voy a publicar en línea para el registro LOL!)

Otro año más, otro año más sabio, y otro año más fuerte. Soy muy afortunado de poder celebrar un año más de su vida contigo; no muchos niños tienen la misma oportunidad. Estoy muy agradecida por la persona que usted está conmigo. Me enseñaste el bien del mal, me levantas cuando estoy abajo, y me apoyan con mis ambiciones de trabajar para un departamento de policía un día. Hoy, en particular, es su día especial ([Birthday] Nacional de Clara Día LOL!), A pesar de que celebramos la vida cuando nos despertamos todos los días. Usted y yo tenemos todo el fin de semana para celebrar! Voy a ser la torta desperdiciado! Yay LOL!

(FYI: Ustedes pueden haber visto este video antes, pero es el único video que tengo (hasta la fecha) de que yo juegue "Feliz Cumpleaños", así que sí ...:-))

August 31, 2014

Happy Birthday, Squirt! ��

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Happy birthday, Squirt! *<|:-D
Aug 31, 2013| Source:
Happy birthday, Squirt!

I cannot believe that it has been two whole years since I... since my mom found you, and on the same day as your great-grandma's birthday too! (You guys may see that the video was recorded on August 31st, 2013. I decided to re-post this video because I like it.)

Cheers to many more years of being my son/roommate LOL!

¡Feliz Cumpleaño, Abuelita Ramona! ��

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¡Feliz Cumpleaño a mi querida Abuelita Ramona!

¡Usted eres unos de mi idolo de como deber de ser una mujer! ¡Me gusta saber que tenemos muchas characticos iguales, uno de ellos es haciendo amistades en cualquer lugar!

Ojala que usted disfrute su dia especial, y que tenga muchas celebraciones mas! ¡La quiero mucho!

Su nieta,

August 30, 2014

Meet the Newest Addition to My Family: Chanel! ��

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Meet the newest addition to my family: Chanel! (Leave it up to my mom to give our pets fancy names LOL!)

"How many pets do I have?" most of you may ask? Well, a lot! The only exception is, is that they do not live inside of my house. Whichever animal comes wandering in my yard (well, it depends because I do not like possums, big roaches, etc. LOL!), I accept them with open my arms into my family.

I think I might be a crazy old lady with a bunch of animals one day! I wish I had a house on a farm, and every stray animal that I found, I would place them there; give them food, water, love and attention. Pets tend to be more loyal than people, and they are a great source of entertainment!